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In 2016, Donald Trump was elected president by promising cheaper health care, higher wages, and more jobs.

He also promised to fight the opioid crisis, and take on the big pharmaceutical companies.

Three years later, we're still waiting on those promises to be kept. 

Now we're collecting stories from real Trump voters who are disappointed in Trump's broken promises and presidency.

How has Trump broken his promise to you?

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Hear from others about the damage Trump's broken promises have done to their communities. 

Meet Janie

Westmoreland County, PA

"He says he's going to fix the prices on medicine. I don't think he cares. He can't empathize with not being able to afford it.

I don't think in his wildest dreams he can understand not being able to pay for medicine for your child, your sister, your brother, your husband, your wife, your mother.

I think he just pushes through things that he doesn’t understand what it's going to do to people…he doesn’t understand how it can change a life.

Am I going to buy food? Am I going to buy medicine? He can't comprehend what that's like.

What if he had a sick child and couldn't afford the medicine? He can't comprehend what that's like."

"I will not vote for Donald Trump this year because I'm very disappointed and I hope we can do better."

Has Trump Broken a Promise to you?

We want to hear from you about how his broken promises have disappointed your family and community.