According to a report by WXIA Atlanta, last February Georgia Sen. David Perdue scrapped his plans to attend a Senate subcommittee hearing on affordable housing for military families in favor of a special access, high-dollar fundraiser to pad the coffers for his reelection.

At the time, Perdue stated that he was forced to miss the hearing due to a “boardroom” meeting with constituents. Turns out, his constituents are just rich donors.

The fundraiser, located just off the  U.S. Capitol Building, sold access to Perdue – including invitations to attend lavish trips with the Senator at his personal residence in Sea Island, Georgia –  for donations that ranged up to $5400, annually.

Currently, there are over 660,000 veterans that call the State of Georgia home, many of which are unemployed and struggling to obtain quality, affordable housing. Should Perdue want to be reelected in 2020, he will need the support of many of these veterans and their families — but with his flagrant disregard of their financial struggles in favor of lining his own campaign pocketbook, it remains unclear whether he will continue to earn their vote.